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Убираем %category% из урл

Чтобы убрать %category% из урл, достаточно добавить хук на get_header: add_action(‘get_header’, ‘my_header’); function my_header() { global $wp_rewrite; $wp_rewrite->category_structure = ‘/%category%’; } можно прописать в файле functions.php в папке темы UPD: На WordPress версии 3.1.1 и 3.2.1 предыдущий код не работает, … Continue reading

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How to install WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy and straightforward. Te bigger question is why wouldn’t you get a free account at and start blogging in seconds. Maybe you figured out that having your own website is what you need or building website is something you enjoy.

So, how to install WordPress?

At first you have to get a webhosting package and a domain name. Then read installation instructions at WordPress codex. You can also watch visual tutorial.

If you got it right you have now a working WordPress blog.

WordPress 2.0 and above comes with the Akismet plugin that is the best thing you can use against spam. Go to and create an account (just account not blog) to get Akismet API key. Activate Akismet plugin on your blog and type Akismet number you got when you created account at

If you have your own way of installing WordPress I would like to hear it from you. Continue reading

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