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“There’s a new theme in town and it goes by the name of Akon. Named after one of my favorite hip-hop and R&B singers, the design goal of Akon is to be clean, simple and functional. Akon’s professional design will set your blog apart and help you on your way to becoming a publishing powerhouse.”

Get the theme at http://www.kineda.com/akon/

Preview a live version of Akon

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Get to the point or die!

When writing content for you blog always remember to introduce what your article is about. Start with an one to two sentence introduction or your thesis. Many readers tend not to read articles if they don’t know what they are about.
So, how to grab attention and imagination of your readers?

Blog reader prefer straightforward, short and simple articles. Simplify – convey your message in a simple manner.

Try to think about your topic and which keyword would you use if you would want to search for similar topics on search engine. Repeat these keywords several times in your article. Use plural, -ing and other forms of your keywords.

Don’t write endless posts. How much is enough? For an AdSense optimized site it would be about 500 words. “As long as you can put your AdSense ads in a prominent position that gets a decent clickthrough rate without sacrificing your linkability I would recommend going with 500 to 600 word articles.” – Optimal Word Count

In one article try to talk only about one topic. If you would like to talk about several topics, break article on several pages. If your topic is complex and requires a long article to be covered, consider breaking down your long article in several shorter articles and publish them over a period of time.

Writing rich content is very good for ranking on Google. But it might be bad for your business. Why? Think about why would you consider coming back to someone’s blog or website. The first thing is probably because the article was well written and the second would be because the author has something else to share. So you have to do two things: don’t share everything and subtly convey to your reader that you have a lot more to teach him.

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Before you Start Developing your Website

Tim Nash wrote an article on Reputation Management (exposure, branding, perception). I find his article quite interesting. If you are serious with your website, then you should read it.
Go on and check his article if you are new to SEO practices: Before you start developing your Website

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7 Essential WordPress Hacks Series

There is no doubt WordPress is high-quality blogging software. But if you tweak it a little bit, you can improve some of the down sides and add some new features to it.

Check out 7 Essential WordPress Hacks Series.

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Tutorial on blogging

This tutorial will show you how to start blogging on WordPress.com. It is also useful for those who will have their own installations of WordPress blogging software.

In tutorial you will learn how to get a blog at WordPress.com, how to setup some features on the blog and, of course, you will get some basic ideas about blogging.

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How to install WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy and straightforward. Te bigger question is why wouldn’t you get a free account at WordPress.com and start blogging in seconds. Maybe you figured out that having your own website is what you need or building website is something you enjoy.

So, how to install WordPress?

At first you have to get a webhosting package and a domain name. Then read installation instructions at WordPress codex. You can also watch visual tutorial.

If you got it right you have now a working WordPress blog.

WordPress 2.0 and above comes with the Akismet plugin that is the best thing you can use against spam. Go to WordPress.com and create an account (just account not blog) to get Akismet API key. Activate Akismet plugin on your blog and type Akismet number you got when you created account at WordPress.com.

If you have your own way of installing WordPress I would like to hear it from you.

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